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40 Different Banknotes

40 Different Banknotes
Regular Sets may not have as many countries and have more banknotes for individual countries. Changes on Regular Sets can happen weekly or monthly, so please do not send email asking what is now in the Regular Sets. Look on it more as a surprise package or a grab bag of 75 banknotes.

To save you money, both sets of banknotes (Super & Regular) come in ziplock plastic bags.

We have not listed or shown all banknotes above the 40 countries set as they change constantly. The cost per set is reasonable, so look on each purchase as a surprise package.

Most of these notes can be found in 1961 To 1997 Catalog of World Paper Money by Krause Publications.

Like stamps, coins, and other collectibles, if you have purchased several different regular packages, you will have duplicates. You can use them for trading material or start your friends collecting - it's not an expensive hobby as long as you stay out of rare and older high denomination banknotes.

All banknotes are new, crisp, and uncirculated and priced affordably for the new or advanced collector.

Catalog #:REG40
$20.80 Club Members
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