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25 Different Banknotes

25 Different Banknotes
Regular Sets Have 25 Genuine Different Banknotes

There are 25 different banknotes in this set, however, you may receive several banknotes from any one country. Regular Sets are less expensive than Super Sets.

All the notes are crisp, new, and uncirculated, most have been printed in the last 15 years. This set is great as a gift to a person who is just starting out this enjoyable and exciting hobby. Great for birthdays and other holidays or to get a feel of what other countries' money looks like.

To save you money 25 banknotes come in a ziplock bag.

The notes may vary from bag to bag and may vary from week to week. We purchase large lots of different notes and make up these sets.

We do guarantee that you will not receive 2 notes that are the same.

Look on Regular Sets of 25 as a surprise package or a grab bag of notes.

Catalog #:REG25
$14.40 Club Members
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